Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winter Wedding Inspirations

Because Christmas is near, I am posting some inspirations for a winter wedding. Too bad it doesn't snow where I am now, but having a winter theme for a wedding can still be achieved in the details. From the wedding dress, to invitations and wedding favors, a touch of winter can help pull off this theme, with or without snow.

The wedding dress: It can still be a sweetheart neckline but throw over a fur shawl to protect you from the cold. You can always remove it later when you are in a warmer room.

The bridesmaids: You got to keep them from freezing too!

The invites: Choose colors, fonts and graphics that give your guests the winter feel.

The drinks: It would be nice if your guests can sip a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee upon arriving at your reception. Don't forget the peppermint straw!

The cake: Keep it simple and sweet.

The favors: Pino cone fire starters would do the trick!

Whoever said you can't get married during winter?

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