Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Ranch Wedding

Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock in a beautiful ceremony at a Tennessee ranch in October. I envy the dreamy, natural venue so much! I wish there is something like that close to home so I could have married there.

Kelly's wedding was not extravagant, but it was sweet and intimate, like how I wanted mine to be. Also, her dress is so dainty! Check out photos from her wedding:

Here is their heart warming wedding video:

Winter Wedding Inspirations

Because Christmas is near, I am posting some inspirations for a winter wedding. Too bad it doesn't snow where I am now, but having a winter theme for a wedding can still be achieved in the details. From the wedding dress, to invitations and wedding favors, a touch of winter can help pull off this theme, with or without snow.

The wedding dress: It can still be a sweetheart neckline but throw over a fur shawl to protect you from the cold. You can always remove it later when you are in a warmer room.

The bridesmaids: You got to keep them from freezing too!

The invites: Choose colors, fonts and graphics that give your guests the winter feel.

The drinks: It would be nice if your guests can sip a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee upon arriving at your reception. Don't forget the peppermint straw!

The cake: Keep it simple and sweet.

The favors: Pino cone fire starters would do the trick!

Whoever said you can't get married during winter?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pretty Chairs for Your Ceremony Setup

Your chair of choice for your ceremony will greatly affect the ambiance--make sure you choose ones that are not only pretty but also comfortable. It would also be good if you ask your stylist to use chairs that match your wedding theme. Take a look at these wedding ceremony chairs that simply look lovely! 

You can go for the usual monoblock chairs covered with cloth. It can be the most practical choice, as it is cheap and common, but a little personal touch and it can make your ceremony venue look magical.

These bistro chairs are perfect for your rustic wedding, barn wedding, or any garden wedding ceremony. Note: the burlap aisle goes very well with these chairs!

You can also opt for iron chairs with antique details. That is if you are resourceful enough to find a supplier or if you have extra money to ask your stylist to provide some!

These steel folding chairs may look common, but when they are in white and lineup together in a garden wedding ceremony setup can look pretty.

Tiffany chairs are dainty even though common. Many suppliers offer reasonable upgrades from monoblock to tiffany chairs. Decorate at your whim!

Monday, September 9, 2013

7 Unusual Bridesdmaid Dresses

Although brides want to look most beautiful on their wedding day, they also want their bridesmaids to look pretty! If you are looking for bridesmaid dress designs, check out these ideas for dresses that your bridesmaids can also wear even after your wedding. Your bridesmaids will surely love you for making them wear a pretty dress on your special day, plus add a new item on their wardrobe that they can also wear for other occasions. 

1. Gold sequined top + ruffled skirt
You can choose a longer skirt, but this dress is surely aisle and dance floor ready!

2. Dainty lace dress
You can never go wrong with a lace dress!

3. Drape dress + boots
Barn wedding? Your bridesmaids will surely enjoy the comfort of wearing this dress.

4. Cotton striped dress
Maybe let them hold pompoms instead of floral bouquets? Perfect for ex-cheerleaders!

5. Polka dot dress
Maybe you can choose a color other than black, but polka dot dresses make a classic look in whatever color anyway!

6. Rainbow colored dress
Can't decide which color motif to use? Then don't decide!

7. Casual dress
Perfect for your summer wedding, this dress screams comfort and simplicity. Your bridesmaids will love wearing it, during and after your wedding!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Romantic Wedding Kisses

There's planning your wedding, and there's making sure each and every moment is caught on camera. Everything would be perfect as you planned, which is why you should make sure that you work with your photographer to help them capture these perfect moments. Of course, your choice of wedding venue can get you the perfect backdrop for the memorable kiss, but any venue will do if you are creative. Here are 5 of the most romantic wedding kisses caught on camera:

Photo by Kelly M

Photo by Elevate Photography

Photo by Nathan Smith and Tim Boyd for Ira Lippke Studios

Photo by Becca Borge

Photo by Harwell Photography

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top 7 Wedding Dress Designers

If you are a bride who wants nothing but the fanciest for your big day, you must choose a wedding dress designer who can create your dream dress. If you have a lot of moolah to spare for a designer dress, check out these top 7 wedding dress designers, and their awesome collections. 

1. Vera Wang
Well, who doesn't know Vera Wang? I probably knew about this wedding dress designer way before I even had a boyfriend. If I am filthy rich I would've worn one of her creations when I walked down the aisle.

vera wang

2. Marchesa
The tandem of British designers Georgina and Keren gave birth to the elegant Marchesa line, and their collections have always impressed many brides in the world. 


3. Rafael Cennamo
This designer uses his Venezualan and Italian roots that results to his unique approach to design. Rafael Cennamo White Couture is his bridal line.

rafael cennamo

4. Carolina Herrera
A Venezuelan-American fashion designer, she is known for dressing up first ladies. If you want an elegant and classy wedding dress then a Carolina Herrera dress should be a top choice.

carolina herrera

5. Romona Keveza
A Lithuanian-Canadian designer, Romona Keveza is popular for dressing hollywood celebrities and making them look good on the red carpet. 

romona keveza

6. Heidi Elnora
From Project Runway to the altar, Heidi Elnora should be your choice for that modern wedding dress with southern (American) twist. It is not as high-end as you can imagine, but her gowns are handmade with love nonetheless.

heidi elnora

7. Rivini
A line by Rita Vinieris, it boasts collections of soft, classy, chic and alluring wedding dresses. Great choice for dainty brides!

rivini wedding dress

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shenae Grimes Wears A Black Wedding Dress

The 90210 star tied the knot and wore a pretty black gown with gray details. To top the nontraditional dress, the bride and groom Josh Beech wed with house music in the background! The wedding dress was from Vera Wang. I admire her for her braveness to wear something that is different from what is expected. I sort of wanted to wear a purple dress for my wedding back when I was a bit younger, but when later on I realized that won't make the oldies very happy. Anyway, check Shenae's dress:

They got married May 10 in Ashford, Kent. The ceremony was held at the Boys Hall.

Check out more unique wedding dresses in my previous post: Short Wedding Dresses

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Table Numbers

The table setup during the reception is one of the most neglected detail of a wedding. Most of the time, brides simply leave it to the caterers to put a table number that matches the motif or color scheme of the wedding. Here are some unique and creative ideas that you can draw inspiration from for your table numbers! Some of these are DIY so you can add another dash of your personal touch to your big day.

This one used a mini chalkboard on a stand, and table names instead of numbers.

Vintage look table number

Water bottles as table numbers. My favorite! I should've thought of this...

Hanging table number. Can be quite a task to pull off.

Simple card

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keira Knightley Ties the Knot in South of France

The lovely Keira Knightley just got hitched! I admire that the wedding was nothing fancy, but it looked elegant even from the very little photos available for us to see. She wore a short dress, a pair of flats and with daisies on her hair--it was a total boho chic wedding that I really like! 

The ceremony was held at a town hall in Mazan in South of France, and the celebrations at Keira's farmhouse. All I can say is this--CLASSY!

Flip Flops for the Bride

It would be fun to change into comfortable flip flops once it's time for the wedding reception! Who says you have to dance all night in those uncomfortable heels? These slippers are a pretty alternative and which you can easily create--you can personalize them even as gifts to your bridesmaids. It can be your wedding favors too, especially if you are having a barn, garden or beach wedding! Check out these inspirations:

Flip flops for you and your bridesmaids