Monday, September 9, 2013

7 Unusual Bridesdmaid Dresses

Although brides want to look most beautiful on their wedding day, they also want their bridesmaids to look pretty! If you are looking for bridesmaid dress designs, check out these ideas for dresses that your bridesmaids can also wear even after your wedding. Your bridesmaids will surely love you for making them wear a pretty dress on your special day, plus add a new item on their wardrobe that they can also wear for other occasions. 

1. Gold sequined top + ruffled skirt
You can choose a longer skirt, but this dress is surely aisle and dance floor ready!

2. Dainty lace dress
You can never go wrong with a lace dress!

3. Drape dress + boots
Barn wedding? Your bridesmaids will surely enjoy the comfort of wearing this dress.

4. Cotton striped dress
Maybe let them hold pompoms instead of floral bouquets? Perfect for ex-cheerleaders!

5. Polka dot dress
Maybe you can choose a color other than black, but polka dot dresses make a classic look in whatever color anyway!

6. Rainbow colored dress
Can't decide which color motif to use? Then don't decide!

7. Casual dress
Perfect for your summer wedding, this dress screams comfort and simplicity. Your bridesmaids will love wearing it, during and after your wedding!

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