Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shenae Grimes Wears A Black Wedding Dress

The 90210 star tied the knot and wore a pretty black gown with gray details. To top the nontraditional dress, the bride and groom Josh Beech wed with house music in the background! The wedding dress was from Vera Wang. I admire her for her braveness to wear something that is different from what is expected. I sort of wanted to wear a purple dress for my wedding back when I was a bit younger, but when later on I realized that won't make the oldies very happy. Anyway, check Shenae's dress:

They got married May 10 in Ashford, Kent. The ceremony was held at the Boys Hall.

Check out more unique wedding dresses in my previous post: Short Wedding Dresses

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Table Numbers

The table setup during the reception is one of the most neglected detail of a wedding. Most of the time, brides simply leave it to the caterers to put a table number that matches the motif or color scheme of the wedding. Here are some unique and creative ideas that you can draw inspiration from for your table numbers! Some of these are DIY so you can add another dash of your personal touch to your big day.

This one used a mini chalkboard on a stand, and table names instead of numbers.

Vintage look table number

Water bottles as table numbers. My favorite! I should've thought of this...

Hanging table number. Can be quite a task to pull off.

Simple card

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keira Knightley Ties the Knot in South of France

The lovely Keira Knightley just got hitched! I admire that the wedding was nothing fancy, but it looked elegant even from the very little photos available for us to see. She wore a short dress, a pair of flats and with daisies on her hair--it was a total boho chic wedding that I really like! 

The ceremony was held at a town hall in Mazan in South of France, and the celebrations at Keira's farmhouse. All I can say is this--CLASSY!

Flip Flops for the Bride

It would be fun to change into comfortable flip flops once it's time for the wedding reception! Who says you have to dance all night in those uncomfortable heels? These slippers are a pretty alternative and which you can easily create--you can personalize them even as gifts to your bridesmaids. It can be your wedding favors too, especially if you are having a barn, garden or beach wedding! Check out these inspirations:

Flip flops for you and your bridesmaids

Joshua + Claudette

I love looking at pretty brides and handsome grooms--they are an awesome formula for good looking pictures! Check out these awesome photos from Nice Print Photography. Finding a charming venue for the wedding plus getting a really skilled wedding photographer will let you have photos that will let you cherish this special moment forever.

When picking out your wedding photographers, make sure you look at their portfolios to find out whether their artistic style suits your taste. Remember, one photographer may be good for another couple but may not be good for you!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foot Jewelry for a Beach Wedding

If you are having a beach wedding, go ahead and ditch the shoes! These pretty foot jewelry would be perfect for a day at the beach. I would use them if my wedding pushed through in a beach venue. It can be a giveaway too for your guests, so they can change into these for the beach party after the more formal ceremony, or a nice gift to your bridesmaids. 

If you are more creative, you can even make one on your own!

Short but Chic: Short Wedding Dresses

Whether you are looking for a nice reception dress or you simply want a short dress for your wedding ceremony, make sure that you look chic and sweet when choosing the design. I found it really pretty, but I did not have the heart to wear something short on my wedding day. Most brides who are having an outdoor summer wedding or perhaps a wedding by the beach would prefer a short dress. Here are some inspiration from different designers that hopefully help you find the perfect short wedding dress for your special day.

Dress by Katie Ermilio

Dress by Amy Kuschel

Dress by Claire Pettibone

Dress by Hayley Paige

Dress by Rafael Cennamo

Dress by Tara Keely