Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Love and Music in Yael and Karylle's Wedding

We love the simple yet dainty wedding of Yael and Karylle--and event filled with love and music. We love the SDE (with Yael's song playing in the background) from their official videographer Threelogy. Furne One also did a masterpiece on her elegant wedding dress! Their photographer, Pat Dy also did an amazing job capturing these precious moments!

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Beautiful White Wedding

The traditional bride always wears white on her wedding day. But beyond tradition, white is, at its cores, the physical image of light in perfect balance--everything and nothing at the same time. White is the willingness to surrender to purity and joyous weightlessness of being. Taken by itself, it is a blank canvas, a clean slate--simple, fresh, and without adornment; nowhere else is potential and beginning so clearly illuminated.

Paired with green, white is immediately in accord with nature and the home. Matched with silver, it is a statement of understated elegance and undeniable class.

"God paints in many colors; but he never paints so gorgeously--I had almost said 'so gaudily'--as when he paints in white." -G.K. Chesterton

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bold is the Bride Who Chooses Orange

Happiness and adventure are hers whose vitality and enthusiasm for life are reflected in the hues around her. Orange combines the passion of red and the cheer of yellow, rendering it one of the most vibrant colors to play around with. And orange-toned wedding is always a fun occasion, filled with energy, warmth and bundles of surprises.

While orange is often striking enough to stand alone, shades of brown, butterscotch and light green are ideal counterparts to help soften its look.

"Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow." -Kandinsky

Imagine a wedding with people closest to your heart, beneath a trellis of verdant foliage and flowers bursting with a riotous profusion of color.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Feminine and Sweet Lavender Wedding

Inherently sweet and feminine, the color and scent of Lavender in a wedding is redolent of romance and nostalgia, softness and grace. And yet, diluted from the majestic purple, lavender remains, by this image, on of blood with royalty. Lighter in shade and deceptively fragile, lavender is the unassuming and gentler countenance of nobility. To the viewer, it is simplicity and refinement, town and country, and poise and culture, all in one glance.

Complemented with the natural hues of mauve, brown or yellow, the color lavender brings a light and casual yet always sophisticated impression to every affair.

"While purple is the color of royalty, lavender is the color of femininity. It's a grown-up pink." - Jacci Howard Bear

Lavender, after all, is the gentle cousin of majestic purple, that color which in ancient times was so difficult to obtain and so expensive to produce that it was reserved for royalty.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Wedding In Red

A wedding in red is, above all, a celebration of love. We woo, we bleed, and we fall in love with all the fierceness and passion of red. For different cultures, the color red means different things. In China, it is a symbol of good luck, always present in every ceremony. In India, it is the color of purity, held sacred in weddings. For the rest of us, its richness never fails to command our attention and make our hearts beat faster. Red evokes majesty, strength, grandeur, and opulence. Paired with either shades of black, gold, or white, red is a fitting emblem of love that is absolute, powerful and enduring.

"When in doubt, wear red." - Bill Blass

Vivid and powerful. Rich and eloquent.

How can our eyes fail to be ensnared by the color we designate to represent it? The result is a magnificent vision in red that is as rich and unique as the love that inspires it.

May every bride experience joy, excitement, and inspiration as she prepares to celebrate what will be, literally and figuratively, a red-letter day of her life.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Wedding Inspired by Cherry Blossoms

Since it's the season of cherry blossoms, I thought of creating inspirations for a cherry blossom-themed wedding. This theme is actually too pink for me, but I cannot deny that I find these charming and sweet. If you are a bride who likes pink then this might be a good inspiration for you on your wedding, though I am not quite sure that your groom might agree. 

You can pick a venue that actually has cherry trees as it provides the perfect backdrop, or have your bridesmaids wear dresses that remind you of these lovely flowers. Don't forget to pick table decor that use cherry blossoms. 

You can also have some white ones and use it as hair ornament, if you do not want to get overboard with the color pink. If you cannot find a venue with cherry trees, like if you live in a country that doesn't grow these, you can decorate you venue with light pink colors reminiscent of cherry blossoms. Your cake can also use some cherry blossoms decor.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Spring Wedding

Picking the right dress for your bridesmaids is more fun than you think. From choosing the color to choosing the right design that would fit each of your lovely friends, there is something to enjoy with the task. When I was picking for my bridesmaids, I wanted a dress that they would be comfortable in, plus I want them to look young and fresh. I picked yellow, white and chocolate brown--inspired by sunflowers. 

Still, you don't have to be stuck with this and that color. Nobody said you cannot have your bridesmaids wear prints. Or better yet, floral prints! I was inspired by the photos of cherry blossoms in Japan this season, so I searched for floral bridesmaid dresses and look what I found! 

1. Their floral print dresses are made from the same cloth and with same cuts or styles:

2. These dresses are of different colors and different prints, but with the same cut:

3. Look how dainty these dresses are! So classic:

4. These dresses have similar floral prints but different colors.

5. These dresses are completely different in styles and prints, but of similar neutral hues that still give it a unified look:

6. Same color, same print design:

7. Anything goes print and design paired with sneakers, platforms or heels:

8. It can also be a long or maxi dress with huge floral prints:

9. Plains and prints combination that look simply dainty:

10. Lastly, sheer dresses that show hints of floral prints.

So, are you inspired yet by these pretty floral bridesmaid dresses?