Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How String Lights Can Be Your Pretty Wedding Decor

Who would've thought that the string lights we use for Christmas decor can give your wedding a magical feel? 

With a little inspiration and a lot of creativity, these can transform your venue into a dreamy place that is picture-perfect, specially for your big day.

Just when you think that it's time to throw or put away your string lights, here are a few ways that you can use those for your upcoming wedding. Read on:
1. Use them as ceiling drapes on your barn wedding. It can practically transform any room into a lovely venue for your wedding vows.

2. You can also drape it this way--get creative!

3. Or hang it on posts / pillars then wrap it with tulle. Dreamy? Yes?

4. You can also drape them over the aisle. Don't forget the sheer fabric!

5. Finally, use string lights for your photo wall backdrop. Your camera (and you) will like it.

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