Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cutest Ideas for Flower Girl Dresses

Looking at these cute flower girls make me want to get married again and have an entourage full of little girls in pretty dresses and headbands! They're too adorable! 

When choosing the perfect dress for your flower girls, you can go for the simple ones that bring out the natural beauty of your little pumpkins, or you can go for more elaborate dresses for an eye-catching look. 

Either way, I am sure your flower girls will look just a perfect! Let these photos of various flower girl dresses inspire you: 

1. A flower girl dress with toole skirt and matching headband:

2. A pretty ballerina tutu paired with a simple shirt or leotards. A ballerina bride would love this!

3. A bohemian-inspired flower girl dress with criss-cross back:

4. Peacock-inspired flower girl dress with matching headband:

5. Little flower girl dresses that go well with cowboy boots. Perfect for a barn wedding!

6. A flower girl dress that mimic the bride's dress? Love the trail!


  1. Awesome post.Beautiful Flower Girls Dresses.I like all most.I like very much Peacock-inspired flower girl dress with matching headband.

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  2. Where did you get the white dress with the boots