Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Photobooth Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

It can be quite a challenge to set up a photo booth especially if the wedding reception is held outdoors, such as in a garden, ranch or beach. Still, I see it as a great opportunity to be even more creative and unique! Check out these examples of photo booth backdrop / setup, which are mostly DIY. They're practical and one-of-a-kind. 

1. Tie a burlap or an off-white canvas cloth between trees or stands, and don't forget to hang mini flags for some character. To make it unique, you can also try hang polaroids of you and your fiance!

2. Hang ribbons to for your backdrop. They will look like drapes. For texture, make sure you cut the ribbons in different lengths and hang beads or strings. Of course, use colored ribbons that match the theme of your wedding.

3. This will need a little bit more effort to pull of. You will need a couch, a small table, some pillows and cloths. Throw in some books, a camera, old chest or any items that match your wedding theme. This one is my favorite!

4. It's the cutest one, to hang a frame that looks like a polaroid frame. Very easy to pull off!

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